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Dedicated to the use and enjoyment of Morgan sports cars.
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THE MORGANEER is the official news magazine of the Morgan 3/4 Group, Ltd., a nonprofit corporation dedicated to furthering the use and appreciation of Morgan sports cars. It is published semi-monthly, 6 times a year, all issues printed hard copy and mailed to current members and also sent online as an email attachment.    A 'bonus' seventh issue may be issued if there is suffiicient content during the Summer or as an 'Autumn Mog' special issue.   The electronic version of the Morganeer is also available on this website.

Address all copy and photographs to the editor.  Please observe the following guidelines:

Copy:  Send text as e-mail attachments in Microsoft Word format to the editor.   No word limits are placed on articles, and the editor will NOT edit for content.  However, try to be as concise as possible within the constraints of artistic license, considering that short, pithy articles are generally more readable.  If you do not use Word, then send copy as a text (.txt) file or rich field text (..rft) file.  If you do not use e-mail, send to the editor’s address. 

 Photos:  Send no more than four photos for an article, preferable digital photos sent as e-mail attachments in .jpg format.  In the email message, include the filename and a caption for each photo, identifying people, vehicles, site, etc.  Also note whether a photo should be put in a particular place in your article.  Printed photographs will be returned if you write your name and address on the back of the picture.

To place ads, please contact the Advertising Director.

Submitted material which has appeared in a copyrighted publication must include written permission from the copyright holder for reprinting.


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