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Charter of The Gayle Perry Award

The Gayle Perry Award would be to a couple, for consistent service to the club over a period of years while noting achievements of recent past year.  

The award has two forms:  the pewter Ralph Lauren Morgan which will rotate annually to the couple who is honored in that given year (to be returned to the club in time for the next AutumnMog); a permanent plaque which has the name of the award as well as the year and the current graphic for that year’s AutumnMog.

The Perry Award is overseen by a three-couple selection committee which is comprised of the last three recipients. (Each couple has one vote and although a unanimous decision is preferable, a majority vote will carry the day.) To begin the process, the committee was made up of Bob Perry; the then club president (Larry Sheehan); and the prior president (who was still a club member i.e. Marc Wunderman). After year-one Marc rotated out of the committee, in year-two Larry Sheehan dropped out and in year three (this year) Bob Perry will drop out.  Once the Perry Award Committee reaches a decision, the senior couple makes its decision known to the current club president. This process was modeled on the process utilized by the Carter Award and the Ross Award.