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My Friends Stu and Barb Ross

Scott Willoughby


Stu and Barb were very close friends and we did a lot together. They were both teachers in the Elizabeth (NJ) School System and had retired. For some time from ’87 to ‘94, we joined together in an import business, Garuda Importers Inc. bringing Buddhist Art, Statuary, Carpets and Jewelry from Nepal and Kashmir into the US.  To tell the truth, the main purpose of Garuda Importers Inc. was to fund our travel to cool places, something we thoroughly enjoyed together for 7 years, usually 2 trips a year.    We went to Kashmir, Nepal and other far off destinations such as  Bali, Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India.  At home we also traveled together up and down the eastern US to sell our wares.   We also did a great deal of Private selling for the higher end items. This was a really fun time with Stu and Barb, who were wonderful traveling companions, lots of laughs, and had many great stories.  Truly Old Hippies, we enjoyed so much together.  I remember when Stu first wanted to sponsor the award, always thought it was a great tribute.


I helped them keep the Morgan running and we went to many meets together. Over the years we were together, I knew they had the +4, an XKE Jag, a Ferrari 308, and two ‘53 Bentleys.  These were real car enthusiasts.  They were active in The 3/4 Morgan Group, MOPS (Morgans of Philadelphia), The Bentley Club and the Vintage Shotgun club. Everything they did they did together; Barbara supported Stu is everything and kept things organized. She was remarkable woman she touched deeply everyone she knew. She was a very spiritual - though not at all religious - person. In another time, I believe she might have been a saint or great healer. Her compassion and understanding for people was always clear. You could talk to Barb about anything and she would listen, often helping you put it in perspective. No matter how challenged you might have been, talking with Barbara always made you feel like everything was going to turn out OK.  What a gal.


Both Stu and Barb volunteered for many responsibilities in various  clubs. Stu was Editor of the The Morganeer on multiple occasions, always with Barbara’s support. They Chaired Autumn MOG together and Stu Chaired one After Barb passed.  They were always on the move, always very busy.  She passed away suddenly; I confess that I miss them both.