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Charter of the 3/4 Morgan Group

Barbara Ross Award



It is the wish of Stu Ross to endow the 3/4 Morgan Group Ltd. with a new annual award that will honor the memory of Stu’s late wife Barbara Ross. 




The Barbara Ross Award will recognize the female 3/4 Group member who best represented the spirit of our club over the previous year.  Club spirit can be defined in many ways, and this charter deliberately leaves the definition open to future interpretation. 


Presentation And Trophy


The Barbara Ross Award shall be presented each year at Autumn Mog, or at whatever annual event may someday supersede Autumn Mog.  Stu Ross is endowing the club with a permanent trophy.  Each year the winner’s name will be added to the permanent trophy, and the winner will keep the trophy for approximately one year until asked to return it in preparation for the subsequent year’s presentation.


In addition, each winner will receive a commemorative plaque at some time after the award presentation.  This is for the winner to keep.  The club will fund the annual costs for engraving the permanent trophy and for providing each winner with their plaque.


Selection Process For Barbara Ross Award Winners


Once there is a pool of previous winners, the selection process will be the same as is currently used for selecting the winner of the Harry Carter Award.  That is, the winner will be selected by a committee consisting of the winners from the three previous years.


For the first award presentation in October 2008 the selection will be made by a committee consisting of three female club members to be selected by the president.  The first year’s winner will replace one of the committee members for the following year’s selection, and the next year another award winner will replace a committee member until there are three previous winners available, after which there will be no further need to appoint members to the selection committee.


Selection Criteria


The following shall serve as selection criteria for the Barbara Ross Award, it is excerpted from the original charter for the Harry Carter Award: “…there are always a few people around who consistently capture the spirit of Morgans, of club motoring, and the brother and sisterhood which lies therein.  I don’t have to tell you about that spirit; when you see it, it is unmistakable, and it will never fail to put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.  The spirit of the master Morganeer, much like the wind, cannot be faked.  Although it can be learned, it cannot be worn like a badge.  It is as difficult to describe as it is simple and obvious.  Therefore I state: When you see it, you will know it!”



August, 2008

Barbara Ross Award 2008



Stu Ross passed away the same day I sent him the proposed charter on the previous page for the award he wanted created in memory of his late wife, Barbara Ross.


With Scott Willoughby and Sandy Mattson Ross acting for the estate, we agreed to proceed with the award as proposed.


3/4 Group president, Marc Wunderman, appointed a selection committee consisting of three outstanding and respected female members.  These were, Sheila Alexander, Mary Hunter and Margaret Jacobsen.


The committee selected Shayna Loeffler to be the first recipient of the award.  The award trophy had been previously selected by Stu, and Scott saw to its completion after Stu’s death.  The award was presented to Shayna at the banquet during Autumn Mog, 2008.


My intention was that for the following year, the first recipient would replace one of the original committee members to select the next winner.  The year following, the next winner would replace another of the appointed committee members and so on, until in the future the committee will always consist of the three previous years’ winners – the same as is currently the practice with the Harry Carter Espirit du Vent award.


Marc Wunderman 


The 3/4 Morgan Group, Ltd.

January 24th, 2009