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Harry J Carter 


The Master Morganeer


President Emeritus, The 3/4 Morgan Group, Ltd.

Editor Emeritus, The Morganeer


20th March 1942 (c.) – 20th August 1980


The facts show that our Harry was born in Greensboro, NC to Harry Clifton Carter and Mary Alice Coyle Carter, where he later attended Irving Park Elementary School.  He moved on to Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, CT.  Choate has lots of famous alums but Harry reputedly hated the place.  Seeking peace of mind, Harry went on to NC State University where Carter Stadium is named for his father and uncle.  Harry married Jane Mickey Singletary in Summit, NJ; their dynamics at club meets suggest that he adored her.  All three of their children, Claire, Natalie and Will, loved being in the navigator’s seat of the green Plus-4 for various meets.


Harry was a big-time VP at Chase Manhattan Bank in the Wall St. area of New York, and was part of Spider’s “Mad Men” Monthly Noggin Contingent during the 1970’s.  As Technical Director for the Bank’s Textile and Apparel Division – he always claimed the job was lucrative and just barely tolerable – he loved the international travel.  We’d all get postcards from China, India, Africa, and the Middle East; you could count on Harry to dig out Morgan folks on these trips and spend an extra day or so hanging out.  The classic Harry move was to hustle his new overseas Morgan acquaintances to write an article for The Morganeer, which he would always graciously offer to edit.


The truth of the matter is that we don’t really know where Harry came from; perhaps he was an interstellar hitch-hiker on a layover here with us on earth.  Harry was a dream-maker and excitement generator.  He could burn up five times anyone’s energy in one afternoon.  Generous is the other descriptor; if you were in the middle of project, you might see Harry drive the Plus-4 down your driveway at 10 am on a Saturday, dressed for dirty work and packing a tool box.  From Peter Morgan to the guy who pumped gas into the Plus-4, everybody loved Harry.  Look as you might, it was impossible to find somebody who didn’t. 


Harry was a universal Clubman.  While his connection was to The 3/4 Morgan Group, Ltd., he was active in many clubs – MCC-DC and MSCC to name a few – and threw his incredible enthusiasm at them all.  After Harry left us, Mickey asked us to help sort out “club material” from Harry’s “room” in the house.  When she took us there, we all paused.  Mickey whispered, “….it’s like a little boy’s room…”  I hear that when they cleaned out Harry’s desk at the Bank, they couldn’t find one bit of bank business material, but they did find drawers full of Morgan and Morganeer material.  Harry was indeed The Master Morganeer.

There is a Photo Album of Harry's pictures here.