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Original Charter

of the

Harry J. Carter Memorial

Esprit du Vent


(by Spider J.C. Bulyk,  Reprinted from The Morganeer, 1980-2)


“Serious stuff first, there are always a few people around who consistently capture the SPIRIT of Morgans, of Club Motoring, and the Brother and Sisterhood which lies therein.  I don’t have to tell you about that SPIRIT:  when you see it, it is unmistakable, and it will never fail to put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.  The SPIRIT of the Master Morganeer, much like the wind, cannot be faked.  Although it can be learned, it cannot be worn as a badge.  It is as difficult to describe as it is simple and obvious.  Therefore, I state: when you see it, you know it!


I can give you some clues, but for each characteristic I give you, I know you can give me ten more.  It is the Person whose face you remember smiling at many meets; the one who always remembers your name; the one who drove top-down to a winter event; the one whose tweed cap or leather flying helmet you can still see in your rear view mirror; the one whose name appears in The Morganeer; the one who’ll show up with just the right part; the one whose underwear must be emblazoned with the MORGAN crest; the one you saw helping out at a recent meet.


If you’re still reading, you’re getting the picture...this person is a little of each of us.  However, when one person can consistently embody this spirit of the wind, they deserve the recognition of their club:  they keep it alive and they keep Morgans on the road.  To this end, the 3/4 Morgan Group, Ltd. will present its first ESPRIT du VENT award during the ceremonies at the Second Annual Autumn MOG.  The recipient will be selected by the executive board of the Club.  The board will accept nominations from any club member and Club officers (elected and appointed) will be excluded.”